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The Health Sciences eTraining Foundation, HSeT, is a non-profit organization that develops online training programs for teaching institutions.

HSeT provides Customized On Line Training (COLT) which improves learning outcomes by providing tailored learning experiences as well as mapping student’s individual progress at every step. COLT is well suited for the type of training required to build skills and competence as well as acquisition of knowledge.

The HSeT team works with a network of partners from all over the world to develop educational resources in immunology, vaccinology, microbiology, nephrology, pharmacology, toxicology, hematology, oncology, statistics, epidemiology, clinical research and conduct of clinical trials, and good clinical practice. Our educational resources come in the form of course content and teaching tools and are delivered through websites tailored for training organizations, as explained below.

  • Course content

    Course content is in the form of media-rich web pages, including text on specific topics, images, animations, and links to scientific literature. Course content is equipped with a glossary, a search tool and a note taking tool for students to annotate web pages.
  • Teaching tools

    HSeT provides novel pedagogical approaches and tools to help trainers make the most of their teaching. These include annotated scientific articles to be used in journal club session, interactive clinical cases to be explored individually or in small groups as part of problem-based learning, guided analysis of clinical trials to be used in workshops, virtual slides and related web pages on the functional anatomy of tissues to be used in histology practicals, and self-assessments.
  • Institution-specific websites

    HSeT develops training programs for teaching institutions. Training programs are delivered through institution-specific websites and customized to the needs of specific groups of learners as defined by the institutions themselves. They can be used to augment an existing curriculum or construct a new curriculum. They can be reviewed by learners in a self-directed way or in combination with traditional face-to-face teaching.


Enjoy exploring the site, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

The HSeT Team

Creative Commons License HSeT content and learning activities are available under a Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - No Derivative Works 3.0 License

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